Water of Leith basins deteriorating

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The state of the Water of Leith Basins continues to make a mockery of efforts by people, businesses and the council to improve our environment. Aside from the eyesore of litter and badly neglected ships, siltation in the basin is causing risk and expense to residents along the water.

Old time residents recall that when Forth Ports stopped the natural flow of the Water of Leith, all the basins were tidal and 20 – 30’ deep. Now siltation has reduced basin depth to a few inches in places. SEPA has classified the area as at risk from flood and now many residents have difficulty finding insurance for property and goods. Residents associations are reporting only being able to find two or three agencies willing to consider them.

Flood risk is increasing, and action needs to be taken. The basins are privately owned by Water of Leith 2000- http://www.waterofleith.co.uk/maintenance.html, which will not take responsibility for the threat of flooding. Meanwhile, whereas Edinburgh Council has powers under the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 to serve landowners notice to reduce the risk of flooding, it does not have the power to compel them to act.

FOWLB would be interested to hear from residents and businesses on issues they have had getting flood insurance. We would also encourage all followers to repost this message, write and call Water of Leith 2000, councillors and Forth Ports demanding action.

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