Changing business as usual: How sustainable investment promotes sustainable land use

Sustainable investments make good business sense. Investing in sustainable production reduces the risk of supply chain disruptions. Incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions contributes to improved corporate financial performance and risk-adjusted returns on medium to long term.


  • Pioneering companies and financial institutions are taking a lead in sustainable agriculture and forestry investment, yet progress has been slow and...
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Water of Leith basins deteriorating

Posted to the Friends of the Water of Leith Facebook page

The state of the Water of Leith Basins continues to make a mockery of efforts by people, businesses and the council to improve our environment. Aside from the eyesore of litter and badly neglected ships, siltation in the basin is causing risk and expense to residents along the water.

Old time residents recall that when Forth Ports stopped the natural flow of...

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