Rights, Responsibilities, and Tenure in the Water of Leith Basins

This paper concerns the basins, areas of water at the mouth of the water of Leith notionally separated by road bridges, and their adjacent areas. The use of these basins is strongly contested between residents and the private sector, with tensions exacerbated by controversial planning processes and decisions. A baseline study is urgently needed to determine the current state of rights, responsibilities and tenure over the basin water, solum (accruing silt on the...

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Rights and Responsibilities and the Water of Leith Basins

Use of the basins at the Water of Leith’s mouth is strongly contested. Tensions are raised because of inappropriate and controversial planning decisions. Planning applications for individual projects, threatening encroachment of the Water of Leith basins in a piecemeal fashion, make no sense.  An overall local development plan and long-term vision for the area is essential.

In addition, siltation poses an increasing flood risk that has led to flood insurance being denied to some...

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